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My portfolio of engineering projects.

sonabos logo by Edbert Wang

SetSaver DJ backup device


In 2014, I co-founded an audio company: Sonabos Technologies . My primary role was business-related work, as CEO, but I also developed all of our hardware. My two co-founders did all the signal-processing and algorithm/code development. These pictures are from our Alpha and Beta prototypes. The device prevents many equipment failures from causing silence at live performances, greatly reducing the risk of using innovative setups.

The Beta hardware consists of a folded sheetmetal enclosure, which I designed in SolidWorks and then contracted out for production in China. Pressed in studs and nuts make internal assembly quick. Several PCBs are mounted inside. I did the schematic and layout myself for the board with all the external audio jacks, using EAGLE. There's also a Raspberry Pi (the enclosure can hold a model B or B+) and a Cirrus audio card mounted on top of the Pi.

The PCB I designed features a split ground plane, to isolate audio signals from digital switching. Mono and stereo inputs and outputs are supported, and a novel failsafe makes the device very reliable. Several buttons and LEDs provide a simple UI. An Arduino Micro mates to headers on top, to control the various board features and communicate with the Raspberry Pi via serial. I haven't included the schematic or any details about board components because the circuit is proprietary and parts of it are patent-pending.

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